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Helpful hints on applying for jobs online.

Many companies nowadays are using software to screen their applications. We have listed down a few hints that may help you with online applications and hopefully to get the job you are looking for!
Apply only for jobs that you are genuinely interested in
Choose quality over quantity. Be sure to concentrate only on those organisations you truly want to work for and who have open jobs that match your skill set and goals. There is no point apply for a position that requires a language you do not speak!
Don't forget to include a cover letter
A cover letter allows you to state your objectives and why you are interested in the position and company, and gives you the opportunity to provide information not on your CV. Remember that the company is hiring a resource to help solve a problem. Read the job description, do your research, and try to determine what they need you to do.

Focus on the details
Follow all of the directions in the online application, complete all the boxes and check it for errors.

Provide a CV / resume (detailed and up to date)
Make sure your resume is well written has all your skills and experience listed but at the same time, is no more than 2 to 3 pages long. Make sure you check for spelling mistakes!

Include all your contact information
Remember to include all your contact information in the resume, so when your resume gets imported in the Applicant Tracking System, it has all the information for recruiters to reach out to you.

Use proper keywords
Recruiters often scan for keywords, much like in search engines, to quickly find information. You'll want to do some "resume IT" by choosing words for your resume or application that align with the job description.

Include links to social media (especially when applying abroad i.e. cruise lines)
Most recruiters actually prefer to look at LinkedIn profiles rather than resumes, because they're all laid out in much the same way. That allows them to access the information they need quickly. And it should go without saying, if you work in the digital/visual arts, you need to include the link to your profile and have one that represents you well.
Follow up on LinkedIn
After you've finished applying, go to LinkedIn to see if you're connected to anyone from that company. If you are, just send a quick hello and let them know you applied. Remember, you aren't asking for a job or to be introduced to the hiring manager, which is crossing the line. And also, don't forget to follow the company on LinkedIn, it's a good way to find out where they're headed and find interesting points to ask about when it's time for an interview.
Keep a record of where you have applied
It's easy to get turned around when you've applied to many companies, so it's a good idea to keep tabs. That way when the hiring manager calls you up for an interview, you won't be caught saying, "Who? For what company?" Recruiters do not want to hear they were one of a thousand companies you applied for - and EVERYONE wants to hear that you personally selected their company and opportunity because it's so awesome!
Don't give up!
Looking for a job can be lonely and frustrating. Try to stay confident, look to your friends and family for support and always ask for help when you need it. Remember, the right job is absolutely out there, and if you work hard at it, you will find it!

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